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Cardiac Rehabilitation Course

  • 360Days
  • 17Steps
  • 22Participants


Cardiac Rehabilitation From Basic Knowledge to Rehabilitation Procedures. Part of "EduCross International Diploma". Course Goals: 1. Understand the principles and benefits of cardiac rehabilitation. 2. Learn about the modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and how to manage them effectively. 3. Understand the physiological changes that occur during cardiac rehabilitation and how exercise can improve cardiovascular health. 4. Gain knowledge and skills in performing cardiac assessments, including ECG interpretation and blood pressure monitoring. 5. Develop skills in creating personalized exercise programs for individuals with different cardiac conditions and fitness levels. 6. Acquire knowledge on the role of interdisciplinary healthcare teams in providing comprehensive care to cardiac rehabilitation patients. 7. Develop skills in evaluating and monitoring the progress of patients participating in cardiac rehabilitation programs.   Lecturer: Dr. Radhika Gupta PT, DPT, EduCross Instructor.



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