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Virtual Notary Services

Who Are We

Please follow the instructions listed below, Carefully.


1 - Upload your FORM 

Before Uploading:
   A- Fill out the form and
DON'T sign it.

   B- Scan The document (Colored ) after putting your photo in the right place on the Form.

  C- Upload the document (The FORM) using the upload link below.

2- After Submitting the Form you will receive an email to schedule the virtual meeting/video Call for identity verification.


*The service fee of $35 will be processed during the submission of the files.
Again; you will sign the form electronically in the presence of the legal Notary.

Notary Application

Upload pdf

Thanks for submitting!

Legal Notary

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-03 at

Luis Rivera

Virtual Notary - Notarize Legal Document (RON)

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