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Neuro and Electro-diagnostic Introductory Course

  • 360Days
  • 15Steps
  • 22Participants


Introduction to Nerve Conduction Velocity (NVC) and Electromyogram (EMG). From Basics to Application. Part of "EduCross International Diploma". Goals of the Electrodiagnostic Introductory Course: 1. Provide reliable and accurate assessment and evaluation tools for proper diagnosis and focused treatment. 2. Physical therapists must have good education and training in order to use nerve conduction and EMG for the diagnosis and evaluation of the neuromuscular system. 3. We can use EDX as a tool for detecting root affection precisely and the optimal position to liberate it. 4. Neurography is easy to learn with a high gold standard for entrapment neuropathy and polyneuropathic diseases and can detect prognosis or referral to any other medical specialty. 5. Upon completion of the introductory course, physical therapists will be equipped to understand different entrapment neuropathies, facial nerve lesions, neuropathy, myopathic patients, radiculopathy or polyneuropathy, as well as brachial plexus lesions and their localization and get a link with rehab and pt profession.   Lecturer1: Dr. Negm Eldin Mohamed PT, DPT, AIUM, AAET Founder of Egyptian Neurorehabilitation and Electroneurography Association. Clinical Lecturer of EMG - EDX MUST. Lecturer2: Anjali Jigar Nagar Licensed PT - New York, EduCross Instructor.



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