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DPT Degree

Updated: Apr 15

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

  • Arcadia CAPTE-accredited entry-level program ranked in the top 10% by US News and World Report.

  • Fully online tDPT program.

  • Students can choose 22 or 30-credit pathways based on their needs.

  • Start whenever you are ready (January, May, or August ).

  • No U.S. PT license is required. you should have a PT license in your/any country.

  • New package pricing for internationally-educated PTs based on country of residence (proof required).

  • Most courses can be taken in any sequence

  • Finish in as little as 18 months(1.5 years).

  • All courses are regularly evaluated by credentialing agencies such as FCCPT, CGFNS, and FACTS.

  • TOEFL/IELTS/DuoLingo is NOT required if PT education was completed in English (proof required). 

  • Courses will satisfy several credentialing deficits.

  • Affordable Pricing and flexible payment plans are available.

  • Payment will be each semester, and you must pay full tuition before graduation.

  • Check the Price in the table below.

How does EduCross support Therapists who Completed the EduCross Clinical Diploma?

1 - "EduCross Clinical Diploma" Waives a full Course; Orthopedic Course of the DPT Program.

2- "EduCross Clinical Diploma" allows you to complete the degree in one year ( 4 courses will be taken each semester"

**A GPA of 2.7 or above is required to complete the degree.3- We Provide you with the required recommendation letters ( 3 are required).

For more details, contact us on WhatsApp

Pricing Plan:

For more details, contact us at

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