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Credential Evaluation/Certificates Equivalency Steps - New York

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

You have to do Credential Evaluation to be able to take the NPTE EXAM to get a Physical Therapy License in New York.

Four Steps




4- Prometric Center

5-Take the Exam

6-Congratulations, you are a licensed PT In New York.

​​First of all, you have to prepare your graduation/Bachelor certificate and the intern/practical year certificate in English from your college.

Step one.

choose - Ready to apply - Primary services

- New York verification

- Applying for this service

- Apply now‏

- NYS Credentials Verification

Hey, Be sure that you choose "NYS Credentials Verification "

Fill out your information

Be careful

leave the license empty and say that you didn't take a license in any country

*if you choose to have a license you have to submit more documents that are not required for credential evaluation or the Exam.

you have to have a bachelor's degree and an internship year.

Then you will pay the fees using a credit card for Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy

After payment, you will get an email with four forms

Two of them you prepare and send by yourself

Instruction for "NYS attenuation " Form:

- The form should be stamped by A notary or U.S. Embassy or Consulate


*** Form 1 & 2 you able to upload on FCCPT ( Online ) NOT by mail.


The other two forms your college, school, or faculty will prepare and send by its name.

Be careful The sender on the envelope will be the name of your college/school/faculty NOT you.

3- Academic Credential Evaluation

4- Clinical Internship

Again; The sender will be your college/school/faculty NOT you.

and Form 3 & 4 will be sent by mail Not Online. (together with the bachelor's certificate and internship certificate).

Step two.

Create an account on NYSED. It's better to create it early before FCCPT sends Your file to NYSED.

Step three.

Create an account on FSBPT You will receive approval from FSBPT and now you able to register for the exam.

then, FSBPT will email you with AIN " Alternate Identification Number" which is required for the Prometric center reservation/booking to attend the exam.

Hope to see this word soon "PASS"

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